The Sarsen Kerbstones

Building foundations revealed by dripping rainwater



During the final stages of the restoration project new steps and a narrow sarcen stone pavement were installed along the southern side of the building. The new pavement was designed to provide both a safer footpath round the road bend and also to protect the building's foundation sarsens which had been undermined by rainwater from the roof prior to the installation of the new gutter.

Kerb sarsens being revealed and reinstated

Whilst rebuilding the steps from the road up to the museum, it became clear that there was a row of large buried, sarsen kerbstones round the bend of the Fernham Road.


With some hard work by village voluneteers, affectionately known as the 'Barmy Army', and with the addition of a few more stones obtained from a local farm, the entire kerb has been reinstated, considerably improving the appearance of the bank outside the museum. Safety has also been enhanced by widening the road this junction.



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