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Thomas Saunders founded a school for boys in Uffington in1617 and endowed land and other property to support the schoolmaster and the teaching of 12 boys.


When the land around Uffington was enclosed in 1778 the property assigned to the Trustees of Uffington School was a piece of land of 17 acres off Broadway known as the School Field.    They also owned two cottages in Green Lane.


When the old school building became unfit for teaching, the boys were transferred to the newly built ‘National School’ in 1872.    The old school room was sold for £35 and the funds used to enlarge the National School to accommodate the boys.      In 1952 the Trustees sold the field and the two cottages and the money raised was used to extend the Primary School.


The Saunders Foundationis registered with the Charity Commission with the following statement:


Saunders Trust provides help for children to attend field trips and anything else that the children need to help improve their education.      The Trust provides a dictionary to all Year 6 leavers at Uffington Primary School.     There is a special ‘Founders Day’ service to give thanks to Thomas Saunders for their education every year.


Only the interest is spent on the capital which the Trust holds.     The present balance is about £7600.


The scheme of the Trustees


One ex-officio Trustee

Three Nominative Trustees and

One Co-opted Trustee


The ex-officio Trustee shall be the vicar of the time being of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Mary, Uffington.


3 Nominative Trustees shall be appointed as follows: (4 year terms)

            2 by Uffington Parish Council and

            1 by Woolstone Parish Meeting


1 Co-opted Trustee – by residence, occupation or employment or otherwise has special knowledge of the area of the Ancient Parish of Uffington.   (5 year term)


Current Trustees:


Rev Jeremy Goulston                                                        Chairman

Brona Jones - Woolstone Parish Meeting (to Nov 2024)        Treasurer

Maxine Parsons – Uffington Parish Council (to Nov 2024)

Joe Trichler – Uffington Parish Council (to Nov 2024)

Sue Plant – Co-opted (to Nov 2024)                                    Secretary



There are usually three meeting each year: in February, June and November.


Registered charity number: 309207


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