Jubilee Field

The Jubilee Field is managed by the Parish Council for the benefit of residents and villagers alike. As trustees of the Jubilee Field we have responsibility for maintenance of play equipment and general maintenance of the field, trees, pond and other facilities.

Jubilee Field Trust

The Conveyance, dated 30 July 1971, by which Robert Geddes Spence transferred the Jubilee Field (‘JF’) to the Parish Council, and the Parish Council subsequently let part of the JF to the village hall trustees for a term of 99 years from 23 September 1974, and later another part to the owners of the Uffington Post Office and Stores.


The Parish Council is ‘Custodian Trustee’. A custodian trustee is a corporation appointed to have the custody, as distinct from the management, of trust property, so it is the Parish Council as a corporate whole, rather than named individuals, which has the responsibility. Under the Trust Deed, the Parish Council holds the JF on trust for a recreation ground for the benefit of the inhabitants of the Parish of Uffington; the Deed requires the Parish Council to administer and manage the JF through a Committee of Management – which is to consist of the members of the Parish Council, but with them wearing a different hat to the Custodian Trustee role. The term of the Agreement (attached below) is for one year (from 12 November 2018) and thereafter until determined in a number of ways which are set down in the agreement. The Committee of Management is required to hold at least two ordinary meetings in each year as well as an AGM and to cover this the JF is an agenda item for every monthly meeting of the Parish Council.


There is no bank account for the Jubilee Field Trust and it does not hold any money in any other account although specific funds are budgeted for the JF in the overall Parish Council account and raised via the precept. Additional funding for JF projects may be raised via donations or through the use of S106/CIL funds if available.

Jubilee Field Management Agreement 2018
Management Agreement 12.11.2018 Scan.pd[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [1.3 MB]

Management and Reporting

The AGM for the Jubilee Field Trust, is a requirement of the governing Trust Deed, dated 30 November 1982 and takes place annually in May. At least 2 other meetings are also required and the requirement for these is covered by regular reporting during the montly Parish Council meetings.


The Chair produces an annual report for the AGM. Copies of recent AGM reports are attached below.

JFT AGM agenda 2021
210505 JFT AGM Agenda.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [58.3 KB]
DRAFT Minutes JFT Agenda May 2021
210505 Minutes Jubilee Field_final draft[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [154.4 KB]
Jubilee Field AGM - Chair's Report
Also includes 2020 when no AGM was held due to Covid-19 pandemic
Jubilee Field AGM 2021 - Chairman's repo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [93.9 KB]
Jubilee Field AGM 2019 - Chair's Report
Jubilee Field AGM 2019 - Chairman's repo[...]
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