Snow Guidance

Grit Bins


How To: Manage Salt Bins


Basic Equipment Required

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)


Equipment provided by OCC:

  • Hi-Vis Vest

Funding from OCC subject to availability for:

  • Warm Gloves

Basic Tools

Funding from OCC subject to availability for:

  •   Plastic Snow Shovel


  •   Grit Bins – available at cost of £250 from OCC. (subject to assessment)


(provided by appointing body – usually the Town/Parish Council)

  • £10m public liability
  • Occupiers of property have a legal duty to clear snow from pathways to prevent injury to visitors.
  • There is no law preventing you from clearing snow on public pavements.

What needs doing?

OCC routinely spreads salt on defined routes on forecasts of ice or snow. The gritting route is available to view on the OCC website: OCC GRITTING ROUTES.  Pavements only get very limited attention mainly in times of snow and generally only those heavily used i.e. town centres. Many local communities already help themselves and OCC can assist others by offering advice and supplying basic equipment as above. A Parish/Town Council may wish to appoint a volunteer snow warden to be responsible for management of salt bins and co-ordination of snow clearance and gritting of roads, not on the gritting route, as well as pavements.                         

Health & Safety Standards

  1. PPE to be worn.
  2. Work is to take place on unclassified roads with a speed limit of 30mph or less, and pavements only.
  1. Use OCC Snow Guide: OCC SNOW GUIDE
  2. OCC Manual Handling Policy

Method Statement

  1. Carry out Risk Assessment.
  2. Apply salt to the surface when ice is forecast, especially of heavily used routes & routes used by the vulnerable.
  3. Following snowfall clear snow on these routes, and others, according to the OCC Snow Guide, and re-apply salt
  4. Record location/date/description of any work done & contact

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29 March 2024

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