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The information below is a summary of the main points of the Neighbourhood Planning activities.  Please click HERE to go the Neighbourhood Plan page where you will find much more detail

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The Referendum on the Plan took place on 4 July 2019. 

The official result was as follows:

·         Votes in favour of adopting the NP (YES vote): 193 (87.7%)

·         Votes against adopting the NP (No vote): 27 (12.3%)

·         Turnout: 220 (29.9%)


The Plan was subsequently approved by the VWHDC on 17 July and hence is 'Made' and becomes part of the District Development Plan. The Plan now has full validity in making planning decisions.


The revised area designation covering only Baulking and Uffington parishes, was approved by the VOWH on 9 March 2017.  The designation letter and map are attached below. The revised Terms of Reference for the Steering Group have been approved by Uffington Parish Council and Baulking Parish Meeting.

Redesignation notification
2017-03-09 Uffington signed area designa[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.9 MB]
Uffington and Baulking parishes redesignation map
Map showing the revised area after Woolstone withdrawal
2017-03-09 Uffington signed area designa[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [3.7 MB]
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group - revised TOR March 2017
Revised TOR after Woolstone withdrawal
Terms of reference for UB NP final 3.201[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [143.8 KB]

The Neighbourhood Plan will take a approximately a further year to complete but when adopted it will have legal status and must be considered when planning decisions are made.

There will be opportunities for all residents to comment on the development of the Plan as it progresses and it will have to be approved via a local referendum before it is adopted.

Details of all aspects of creating and contributing to the Plan can be found on the Neighbourhood Plan website.

External Examination - February - April 2019

The VWHDC has now appointed an External Examiner to examine the Plan and ensure it is legal and complies with loacal and national policies. The examinar has visited the village and requested some clarifications which were submitted at the end of February. We are now waiting for any recommendations required by teh Examiner in order to make the Plan suitable for the Referendum.


The remainder of the process is as follows:

  • The Examiner will consider the Plan and make any recommendations for changes required prior to holding the Referendum.
  • The Examiner's recommendations will be considered and incorporated as necessary.
  • The Referendum will be organised by the VWHDC and run in the same manner as local or national elections.
  • Subject to a successful outcome of the Referendum (which requires a simple majority vote for it to be carried), the Plan will then become 'made' (adopted). The Refeendum will probably be held in June 2019.
  • The made Plan will then form, along with the Local Plan Parts 1 and 2*, part of the 'Development Plan' for the District and which will be used to help determine future Planning Applications.


* Currently being considered by the Examiner and not yet adopted.

 Public Consultation Event 24 April 2018


The drafting of the final plan document has been proceding well to date. One of the key steps before the draft Plan goes the Vale for their consideration is the a period of consultation with those in the Plan area. Prior to this period there will be an event in the THMH on 24th April at 7:30pm.  Everyone is welcome and their will be an opportunity to discuss any aspect of the draft plan with members of the Steering Group.


Revised Vision and Objectives

All residents of the 3 Villages were invited to the launch of the Neighbourhood Plan on 21 January, at which views on our draft Vision and Objectives were invited.    


The comments made during and after the event have been incorporated into the revised Vision and Objectives which can be viewed on the Neighbourhood Plan website here. The Plan will now be taken forward based on these and whilst major changes are not expected the Vision and Objectives will be periodically reviewed to ensure any signifcant changes are duly reflected.


Any further comments on any aspect of the Neighbourhood Plan and its development are always welcome. Please see here for details.

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